Project Description

Dan Mielke, PE, CFM

Water Resources Engineer

Dan first encountered Inter-Fluve while enrolled in a stream restoration certification program at the University of Minnesota instructed by several Inter-Fluve staff. After receiving a master’s degree, he went on to work at the Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory at UMN, then a local engineering firm in the Twin Cities that frequently partnered with Inter-Fluve, before finally signing on with Inter-Fluve in 2016. Why Inter-Fluve? “I appreciate the flat structure and team-orientated approach at Inter-Fluve where I can collect data in the field, collaborate internally on design, and oversee construction…it’s a framework that creates a feedback loop for continuous learning and achieving project goals,” says Dan.

His work has included addressing urban runoff, flooding, and water quality issues, as well as development and analysis of a wide range of hydrologic and hydraulic models and design of best management facilities. Dan’s easygoing attitude and ability to communicate with any audience are likely related to his earlier aspirations to teach science. Combined with his design expertise make him an excellent project manager.

Outside of work, you’ll find Dan hiking and biking with his wife and two girls, and making the all too familiar drive to his hometown city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit with family and friends. He’s also an avid soccer player and enjoys seeing the country-side on his road bike.

“I appreciate the flat structure and team-orientated approach at Inter-Fluve.”