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Project Description

Marty Melchior, CFP

Regional Director & Stream Ecologist

Marty was enduring work indoors as a biochemist for a medical company when a fly-fishing trip sparked a new career focused on trout stream restoration. He added a degree in Fisheries Biology to his degrees in Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, and went to work for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. In 2000, he was taking a class taught by Inter-Fluve, where he says he must have done something right, because afterwards, he was offered a job.

Marty oversees our Wisconsin and Massachusetts offices and is experienced in fish habitat restoration, fisheries population analysis, fluvial geomorphology, biotic assessment, natural channel design and watershed management. He is skilled in examining the biotic and physical characteristics of stream systems and in using these relationships to solve restoration problems.

“The process of returning rivers to their natural state allows me use my artistic sensibility,” Marty says. Marty enjoys writing science fiction and playing music (he can be found on vocals, guitar and bass). On Thursday nights, you’ll find him shocking the folksy hootenanny audience with his hard-core metal covers.