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Project Description

Rich Phaneuf

Senior Engineering Technician

“I’ve always liked to draw, and as a kid, I dreamt of being an architect,” Rich says. While he ended up choosing a slightly different path, his expertise in computer-aided and hand-drafting plans (he learned CADD when he was 14) led him to working with several architectural and engineering firms before joining Inter-Fluve half a lifetime ago.

Rich grew up in Flint, Michigan, moving west in ’96, to attend college in Bozeman, Montana. Instead, he discovered Inter-Fluve and has since worked on hundreds of projects across the country ranging from bioengineered stream-bank stabilization, to large-scale river channel relocation, to wetland creation and habitat enhancement for trout and salmon.

He likens his role at Inter-Fluve to “a Swiss Army Knife,” with tasks including CAD, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, surveying, and assisting in project design. Walk into his office on any given day and you’ll likely find Rich managing the drafting of several projects simultaneously for multiple Inter-Fluve offices, problem-solving hardware or software, running a 2D model, or compiling data from a recent drone flight he flew (Rich is an FAA 107 certified drone pilot).

“I enjoy the balance of field and office time: surveying a site, then coming back and putting it all together. It’s never boring because each project is unique.” Other creative outlets? “I’m a musician — mainly a guitar guy — and I collect music.” Rich also enjoys fly-fishing (“it’s therapeutic”), road trips, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

“I enjoy the balance of field and office time.”