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Project Description

Ben Lee, PE

Hydraulic Engineer

Ben met Inter-Fluve in a college sediment transport field trip, began an internship at our Wisconsin office a year later, and went on to earn his MS in Water Resources Engineering before formally joining the Inter-Fluve team in 2010.

Today, Ben is a self-proclaimed “Jack-of-all-trades” having worked on well over a hundred projects from coast to coast including over a dozen small- and large-scale dam removals, large wood habitat restoration, and re-meandering channelized rivers. Like many fellow Fluvers, what Ben enjoys most is the process of cobbling a river’s story together via a fluvial geomorphic investigation, acquired data, years of experience, and his engineering skills to guide a sustainable restoration design.

What does he like about working at Inter-Fluve? “There’s an informal mentorship aspect that comes with working here,” Ben says. “Staff that have worked here for decades collaborate with the new green staff to learn from each other’s expertise. Because no project is the same, each one feels fresh.”

“Even if I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d still do the work I do now.”