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Project Description

Kelsey Alsheimer

Marketing Coordinator

Kelsey grew up in Anchorage, Alaska fishing with her family all summer long in Prince William Sound, so it’s no surprise that she fit right in with the Hood River office. A talented writer-organizer-creative type, Kelsey was attracted to working at Inter-Fluve because of the people who work here, and because she respects Inter-Fluve’s focus on improving water and habitat. “The people and place where I grew up were highly tied to fishing, so working for a company whose goal is to improve fish habitat is a huge motivator – especially when many of the projects are right out my back door.”

Kelsey spent her first years at Inter-Fluve in roles including administration, accounts receivable, and contracting support. Much of her time is now spent developing creative responses to RFP’s and involvement with the execution of various marketing initiatives.

Prior to Gorge living, Kelsey attended Washington State University where she graduated with a degree in Communication and enjoyed her time as an NCAA athlete, long nights in the broadcast editing lounge and backstage during theatre productions at the audio board. Since then, she has participated as a writer for, audio volunteer for CGAC, volunteers on the board of a local non-profit and is always on the move – going to concerts, hosting visitors and exploring the Gorge.