Project Description

Maisie Richards

Staff Fluvial Geomorphologist & Illustrator

Peeling the layers of Maisie’s story away, you’ll find consistent themes of science and art threaded throughout. Maisie was raised by two grade school teachers in Decatur, Georgia. Curious about the outdoors, she headed west to Colorado College for a degree in geology and studio art. “For my thesis, I developed scientific illustrations to compliment my paleontology research of 50-million-year-old tree stumps,” says Maisie. Following college, Maisie went on to spend five summers in Alaska’s Denali National Park as a physical science technician. “It was an amazing job…my work ranged from identifying dinosaur foot prints to researching how the Toklat River had responded to human impacts,” says Maisie. With the help of the park, this work culminated in a Master’s thesis at CSU studying how braided rivers respond to decades of human impact.

In 2016, she joined Inter-Fluve’s Damariscotta, Maine office where she’s working on a variety of New England projects ranging from conceptual illustrations of the Coonamessett River, to surveying in her backyard river for management options of two dams on the Sheepscot River, to fishway assessments along Yarmouth, Maine’s Royal River. What’s on the horizon? “I’m looking forward to seeing projects through and illustrating conceptual designs,” says Maisie. She also headed (for fun) to Portugal this summer, Denali this fall, and closer to home, is looking forward to exploring local rivers with her boyfriend and dog.”