Watershed Planning & Long-term Implementation

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Project Description

To understand where a river is going, we need to know where it has been. Assessments are the foundation of a stream habitat restoration strategy and lead to projects in the ground.

Upper Columbia River Basin, Washington

Inter-Fluve has conducted 11 Reach Assessment and Habitat Restoration Strategies for the Yakama Nation in the middle and upper Columbia Basin covering approximately 117 miles.

These large-scale assessment and planning efforts include aquatic habitat inventories, fluvial geomorphic assessments, and hydraulic analysis.

The results are integrated with recovery planning priorities and project opportunities as part of a coordinated restoration strategy, ultimately leading to numerous successful on-the-ground restoration actions for ESA-listed salmon and steelhead.

Investigations and subsequent analyses are used to develop and prioritize potential fish habitat restoration project sites.

Sand Creek & Credit River Watersheds, Minnesota

In 2007, we completed a 125-mile geomorphic and habitat assessment of Minnesota’s Sand Creek and Credit River watersheds.