Tipiliuke Spring Creek & Lake Enhancement

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Project Description

Tipiliuke is a world-class fly-fishing resort on a 20,000-hectare estancia at the foot of the Andes in the Patagonia region of Argentina. To increase the number of fish in the nearby Rio Chimehuin and improve angling conditions on the estancia, we performed a geomorphic assessment and hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, and later built a pond and 1.5 miles of stream along a relic channel. The new stream is handicap-accessible; can be fished by less-accomplished anglers; and extends the fishing season into spring, when a normally consistent dry-fly hatch on the Rio Chimehuin may take a day off.

We reconnected relic channels at a world-class flyfishing resort in Patagonia.

Life on the Tipiliuke ranch.

Cardo (Bull Thistle) blooming.

We designed and constructed a 1.5 mile-long stream to the Chimehuin River.

Perca, one of Argentina’s native fish, is one species found in the area.

25,000 cubic meters of soil and gravel were excavated to create the upper pond.

Situated next to lodging and an existing wind break, the pond moderates upstream flow.

The curves of a river-to-be were roughed out in this meadow.

The new stream follows the contour of a streambed that previously ran intermittently.

Designed with trout in mind, the stream has a 1% grade.