Sheboygan River Habitat Restoration Awarded as a Project of the Year

The Sheboygan River Area of Concern Habitat Restoration Project was selected as one of the American Public Works Association’s Public Works Projects of the Year for 2014. The project involved the removal of over 400,000 cubic yards of PCB-contaminated sediment from the bed of the river near Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, and in-stream and riparian habitat restoration. As a subconsultant to Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH), we designed  the in-stream and streambank habitat features, which included log jam habitat, streambank stabilization, in-stream boulders, riffle restoration, floodplain woody debris, wetland stream channels, floodplain riparian vegetation restoration, and bird habitat. Construction was completed in 2012 and wildlife began occupying the sites immediately after construction.The Sheboygan River Area of Concern was one of the first AOC’s delisted by the EPA, in part due to the removal of Beneficial Use Impairments.