Candice Constantine, PE, PhD

Senior Geomorphologist & Water Resources Engineer

Candice grew up in a dairy town of 500 in northern Illinois where, as she says, “people tend to grow up and never leave.” Candice did, and when she found out she could get paid to work outside as a geologist, she was sold. Following a BS in Geological Sciences from Tufts University, she turned her energy west where she was blown away by the awesome beauty of California mountain rivers – and geomorphology. She earned a MS in Geology from UC Davis and a PhD in Earth Science from UC Santa Barbara, and then began her engineering career with Santa Barbara County, CA where she helped find solutions to problems ranging from fish passage to impacts of wildfires. More recently, she worked as an engineer in the UK for eight years on river engineering projects and initiatives focused on improving upland land management practices. “A big part of my job was serving as a bridge between scientists and engineers whose focus wasn’t necessarily on the health of river ecosystems,” says Candice.

Candice and her family moved back to the US in early 2016 and found Inter-Fluve. Today, she’s a Professional Engineer with a particular penchant for urban river restoration. She’s currently working on a number of dam removals and is spearheading business development efforts in western New England and New York State – perfect incubators for her background.

“My geology and geomorphology background enables me to appreciate the larger context of my work, and I use my engineering training to get the details right. Ultimately, my goal is to work with natural processes rather than against them,” says Candice.