Project Description

Joe Parzych, CFP

Fisheries Biologist

Joe grew up in Southwest Michigan (Livonia) and started fishing with his father about the same time he started walking, a trend he continues today (unless it’s hunting season). Inspired to work towards systematic change for fish, he got his BS in Fisheries & Wildlife with a focus in Fisheries Science and Management at Michigan State University.I knew I wanted to improve this resource for current and future generations,” Joe says. Washington State University was his next stop where he received an MS in Environmental Science. “I wanted to focus my masters on stream restoration to help inform salmonid habitat restoration in the northwest,” Joe says. His thesis was on Southeastern Washington’s Tucannon River and titled “Impacts of log jam installation on hyporheic exchange and nutrient uptake in a 4th order Washington stream.”

Joe is a Certified Fisheries Professional (CFP). He joined Inter-Fluve in 2015 and has since worked on a variety of projects ranging from GIS analysis on Idaho’s Kootenai River to evaluate meander migration, to analyzing surface water data readings in Washington’s Nason Creek to better understand the groundwater-surface water interaction, to construction oversight and surveying on rivers around the Pacific Northwest. In case your wondering how to pronounce his name, it’s “Par-zik.”

“I knew I wanted to improve this resource for current and future generations.”