Joe Parzych, CE, FP-C

Fisheries Biologist &Ecologist

Born and raised in Southwest Michigan, Joe has “an old-school mentality of working hard and challenging myself,” Joe says. Diligent, detail-oriented, and mildly obsessive about preparation make Joe an excellent project manager and team member. “I’m detail oriented and I prepare. That structure helps create effective conversations between our team members and clients, resulting in collaborative strategies for solving problems. For me, it’s not about the coolest project or best river, but about contributing meaningfully to the project,” says Joe.

A Fluver since 2015, Joe is a Certified Fisheries Professional (FP-C) and Certified Ecologist (CE) by title. His work goes far beyond the traditional role of Fish Biologist though. Instead of focusing on the study of fish as an organism, Joe’s role at Inter-Fluve is “more about the interaction between fish and their physical environment,” says Joe. Creating habitat for fish means designing habitat in the right place at the right time for the right fish. Depending on the project, Joe’s day-to-day tasks also involve working with clients to identify climate resilient projects, developing planting plans, guiding projects through the regulatory process, performing wetland delineations and construction oversight, surveying, and monitoring.