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Featured Projects

Middle Fork John Day Oxbow

The Oxbow project on the Middle Fork John Day River was designed to enhance salmon habitat on a reach of the river whose floodplain was subjected to hydraulic dredge mining for gold in the 1930s and 1940s. The result of these impacts was a channelized river with little complex habitat to support juvenile rearing and spawning for Spring Chinook salmon and steelhead.


New England Cranberry Bog Restoration

Cranberry bogs constructed in the early 20th century are still in production throughout Massachusetts, the #2 cranberry producer in the nation. However, one of the key challenges with traditional cranberry farming techniques is [...]


Urban & Planning

Our urban projects connect people to rivers – and restore ecological function to highly altered systems. Urban waterways are some of the most damaged in the United States, but increasingly, cities are transforming [...]


Dam Removals

Across the country, aging dams are posing health and safety risks to residents living downstream. They also impede migratory patterns of fish and wildlife, especially on our east and west coasts where migratory [...]