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Featured Projects

White Creek Restoration

White Creek is a tributary of Washington’s Klickitat River that maintains critically important steelhead spawning and rearing habitat within the Klickitat subbasin. It accounts for, in some years, up to 40% of the observed spawning in the entire Klickitat subbasin. 363 logs were placed at 40 sites over 2 days via 169 helicopter lifts. Video courtesy of the Yakama Nation sponsored Yakima-Klickitat Fisheries Project.


New England Cranberry Bog Restoration

Tidmarsh Farms River & Wetland Restoration Holistic ecological restoration of cranberry bogs to native stream and wetland ecosystems was pioneered by Inter-Fluve through the Tidmarsh Farms project. Over 20,000 feet [...]


Urban & Planning

Our urban projects connect people to rivers – and restore ecological function to highly altered systems. Urban waterways are some of the most damaged in the United States, but increasingly, cities are transforming [...]


Estuary Restoration

The Columbia River estuary is roughly 150 miles long, bordered by Washington to the north and Oregon to the south. This unique ecosystem contains diverse freshwater and saltwater wetlands, shaped over centuries by [...]