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Dam Removal & Fish Passage

Fish passage barriers across the United States are being removed or modified to help fish and wildlife, improve safety and boost recreation. We’ve worked on 130+ dam removals, removed hundreds of culverts, and developed best practices resources for bridge crossings.


Estuary Restoration

Estuaries are dynamic ecosystems where oceans, rivers and human economies converge; they’re also critical to rearing grounds for fish and wildlife and at particular risk to a changing climate. Across the country, we’re reconnecting and restoring these habitats.


Urban & Planning

Beginning with the daylighting of Tanner Creek in Portland (1992), we’ve been collaborating with urban planners and landscape architects to restore urban streams from coast to coast in the US and abroad.

Inter-Fluve has completed over 2,400 projects. Here’s where we’ve been working.

For hundreds of years, people of the #pacificnorthwest have told tales of a mythical creature thought to live deep in the forests. Its existence was long dismissed by mainstream science. At long last, we have indisputable footage from one of our camera traps. Behold: the elusive #geomorphologist! ...

Inter-Fluve’s suite of surveying services includes aerial platform data collection via our unmanned aircraft system (UAS). It is standard practice for us to develop maps and air photo imagery for assessment, fieldwork, survey, and design. ...

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Side channels are small waterways that branch off from the mainstem of a river or stream. Because of their gentler currents, they provide critical spawning areas for a variety of fish. We use a variety of techniques to recreate and enhance these important habitat features while minimizing impacts to existing riparian and floodplain vegetation.
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Just an ordinary day on the job.
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We typically use digital methods to collect field data. This allows us to share data with the entire project team in real-time, and to streamline the development of reports for our clients, such as wetland delineations, habitat assessments, pebble counts, and ordinary high-water determinations. However, in the event that something goes wrong with the technology in the field (like the batteries running out), our survey teams always have a pen, printed field maps, and a field notebook ready.
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