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Dam Removal & Fish Passage

Fish passage barriers across the United States are being removed or modified to help fish and wildlife, improve safety and boost recreation. We’ve worked on 130+ dam removals, removed hundreds of culverts, and developed best practices resources for bridge crossings.


Estuary Restoration

Estuaries are dynamic ecosystems where oceans, rivers and human economies converge; they’re also critical to rearing grounds for fish and wildlife and at particular risk to a changing climate. Across the country, we’re reconnecting and restoring these habitats.



Beginning with the daylighting of Tanner Creek in Portland (1992), we’ve been collaborating with urban planners and landscape architects to restore urban streams from coast to coast in the US and abroad.

Thanks to Sonoma Water for sharing this video highlighting more than a decade of working with private landowners and resource agencies in the Dry Creek valley to restore habitat for endangered Coho and Steelhead. To date three miles of Dry Creek have been restored by Sonoma Water with another 3 miles to be constructed in close collaboration with The Army Corps of Engineers.

Inter-Fluve has completed over 2,400 projects. Here’s where we’ve been working.

After just a few years of growth, this is what the FES lifts from our previous post looked like. The plants are starting to take root, and the fabric will eventually break down. The large pieces of wood provide cover for salmon and other species. #habitatrestoration #bankstabilization #bioengineering #riverrestoration #geomorphology #environmentalconservation #environmentalengineering ...

Fabric-encapsulated soil lifts (or FES lifts) use biodegradable fabric to hold soil in place while native plants take root. As the plants grow and their root networks stabilize the encapsulated soil lifts, the fabric decomposes. The end result is a living, naturally stable streambank that is aesthetically pleasing and provides valuable wildlife habitat. Inter-Fluve pioneered the use of FES lifts in bank stabilization engineering during the '90s, and we still use them on many of our projects.
#habitatrestoration #BankStabilization #Bioengineering #riverrestoration #geomorphology #environmentalconservation #bioengineering #environmentalengineering

In the immortal words of David Lee Roth, "Might as well jump." #salmon #pnw #waterfall ...

Ophidiophobia is the irrational fear of snakes. Although the vast majority of snakes are completely harmless, they can startle people when you’re doing fieldwork in tall grass. Dress accordingly, and watch where you step. (Survey at Túuši Wána). #riverrestoration #snakes #surveying #touchet ...

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the first day of summer. And that can only mean one thing—field work! #hellosummer #wetlandvibes #waders #survey #riverrestoration #geomorphology ...

Happy Thursday! #easternnewt #redeft #wildlife #vermont #amphibiansarecool ...