About Us

We are an employee-owned, interdisciplinary firm that specializes in investigations, design, and restoration of rivers, lakes and wetlands. Our team of scientists, engineers, and technicians collaboratively work with clients to develop solutions to complex aquatic challenges that balance human and environmental needs.


We got our start in 1983 when a few fly-fishing scientists combined their passion for rivers with knowledge of geomorphology, fish biology, and hydrology to return abused trout streams into the Blue Ribbon fisheries they once were. At a time when most restoration work was performed by individuals with specific interests, we took a team approach utilizing an array of disciplines that actively accounted for many interests, including natural processes. Our team took a risk on advancing this new approach. We launched the business with $4,000, an IBM typewriter, and desks made of old doors and file cabinets.


Over three decades later, we continue to develop cutting-edge designs for river restoration projects ranging from cranberry bog restoration, to dam removal, to urban habitat improvements – just to name a few. As pioneers in this field, we continue to provide leadership in this developing industry. To learn more, stop by any of our offices – located in Hood River, Oregon; Bozeman, Montana; St. Paul, Minnesota; Madison, Wisconsin; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Damariscotta, Maine – and you’ll see why our employees love to work here. It’s their passion, teamwork, and respect for one another that’s led to more than 1,900 successful projects across 4 continents and all regions of the United States.