Inter-Fluve Ecological Restoration Design Internship Program

Please note that our 2024 internship application window has closed. Annual program details can be found below. 

Internship Position Title: Ecological Restoration Design Intern

Goal of the Internship Program: To provide hands-on learning opportunities to the next generation of river and wetland restoration practitioners.

Program Overview

This internship program provides opportunities for hands-on experience in river and wetland restoration design for students or recent graduates. The program provides a range of potential opportunities, such as learning science and engineering methods from practitioners; meeting local, state, and federal project partners; conducting fieldwork; and observing project implementation. Inter-Fluve supports increasing diversity and inclusion in the river restoration design profession. We welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply for this position.

This internship may include fieldwork, data analysis, topical research, technical writing, and engagement with clients, subcontractors, project partners, and stakeholders. While the intern may be asked to assist with a range of tasks associated with Inter-Fluve projects, the primary focus of this internship program will be on completing a defined applied project task or research project within the timeframe available. The intern will be expected to work closely with their direct supervisor, collaborate with other staff as appropriate, and advance their selected research or applied project to completion.

Research topics could range within the breadth of projects Inter-Fluve typically completes, or could focus on related topics still relevant to the work of Inter-Fluve. Possible examples include:

  • Survey and analysis of streams, wetlands, or tidal systems
  • Monitoring of aquatic systems to evaluate existing conditions and ecological functions
  • Documenting the condition and effectiveness of past projects, some dating back over 30 years
  • Investigation of historical conditions or reference sites for a variety of project types
  • Application of software tools for river analysis design and engineering

The selected candidate will be expected to develop a brief written technical memo that describes the project completed, including methods, data analyses, and conclusions. At the end of the internship, the selected intern will provide a brief presentation to Inter-Fluve staff summarizing this work that was completed.

Preferred Qualifications
  • Rising college senior or recent college graduate (within 2 years of graduation)
  • College major within the STEM fields

We encourage all who are interested, even if they do not feel they meet these qualifications to apply. Skills that will be useful in the internship:

  • Field data collection
  • Excel data analysis
  • GIS mapping and analysis
  • CAD drafting
  • Conceptual drawings
  • Technical writing
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Independently motivated, curious
  • Works well in small groups
  • Attention to detail
  • Verbal communication with project partners, clients, community members

We do not expect the applicant to bring all of these skills to the internship and we anticipate there are many other valuable skills not listed that the applicants will bring. If you are interested in the position, but are concerned you may not have enough of the skills listed , please reach out so we can discuss.