Project Description

Minnehaha Creek, Minnesota


Beginning in the 1940s, Minnehaha Creek was dredged and straightened, which increased erosion, and degraded fish and wildlife habitat and water quality. Inter-Fluve performed a 22-mile reach assessment of the creek in 2003 for the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. Photo: Google Earth 2006, before construction.


Over the last fifteen years, Inter-Fluve has worked with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and others to complete the highest priority projects that include bank stabilization, in-stream habitat, and riparian restoration plans, natural channel restoration, fish passage barrier removal, recreation access, infiltration design, road closure, wetland restoration and boardwalk construction. Photo: Google Earth, 2017 of Reach 20 (bottom of image) and Methodist Hospital (top of image).

Boardwalks like this one at Reach 20 connect people to the river. Future trails will connect the regional trail with the proposed Light Rail Transit stations in St. Louis Park.

The boardwalks are are frequently used by both hospital staff and patients.