Andrea Judge

Senior Water Resources Engineer

You can trace Andrea’s interest in rivers back to two things: a family of engineers and a childhood in Montreal, Quebec spent “playing in the dirt.” Geotechnical engineering was an obvious choice for her. Andrea worked as a land surveyor while in college, and interned in Montreal and Ottawa before meeting her American husband and relocating to New England. There, she quickly transitioned into a role focused on dam repair and safety, which sparked an interest in the countless mill dams that dot New England’s industrial towns and cities. As Andrea points out, these dams were “important for the industrial processes that made these cities possible.” She also has a great appreciation for the skill and effort that went into their construction, and always gets excited when she’s able to dig up historical photos or drawings.

This interest in Industrial Revolution-era dams would eventually lead Andrea to join Inter-Fluve. She recalls first hearing about us because of our role on a dam removal project on Traphole Brook in Massachusetts, and she later had the opportunity to work with our interdisciplinary teams on several projects in New England. Spurred on by a growing interest in the intersection of aquatic habitat and infrastructure, Andrea joined our Cambridge, Massachusetts office in 2023. She is currently working on cranberry bog restorations on Cape Cod and fish passage projects in Maine, among other efforts.

Andrea lives with her husband and three kids in Rhode Island when she’s not on the road. Like many Fluvers, she enjoys exploring the outdoors by foot or by ski (she has even competed in biathlons). In her free time, you can find Andrea still “playing in the dirt,” tending to her garden’s bountiful vegetable patches, grapevines, fruit trees, and berry bushes.