Christoph Suhr


Understanding how landscapes change over time was the overarching theme throughout Christoph’s studies for a Master’s in Geosciences at Colorado State University. While in Colorado, he examined the landscape evolution of formerly glaciated valleys in the Colorado Front Range, performed drone surveys to evaluate the geomorphic effects of a large wildfire, and he helped develop a monitoring plan to assess the occurrence of channel maintenance flows along the upper Colorado River. Previously, Christoph has worked on a variety of projects relating to changes to the Earth’s surface: geomorphic surveys in the Mojave Desert, lab work at the University of Vermont to prepare samples for cosmogenic radionuclide analyses (essentially dating how long rocks have been at the earth’s surface), and assisting researchers studying glacier change on Alaska’s Juneau Icefield.

Christoph joined Inter-Fluve in early 2022. He’s shifted gears slightly, but landscape change over time is still the foundation of the projects he’s working on. He’s also quickly become a go-to for GIS, photogrammetry, geologic mapping, surveying and technical writing. As a Geologist in Training (GIT), he’s looking forward to jumping into more field work, especially performing geomorphic assessments, construction oversight, and learning from senior members. Born and raised in Seattle, Christoph is also a fan of type II fun: ultimate frisbee, exploring local volcanoes on skis and biking are a few of his favorites.