Craig McConnell


Craig joined the Fluve in 2022 because he was drawn to the multi-disciplinary problem solving that goes hand-in-hand with river restoration. Craig maintains colossal patience—and a natural drive—towards figuring out challenging puzzles. These ever-present traits are visible when you hear stories of his tearing into any number of 1980s-era VW van engines he’s owned; they are also what pulled him into surveying for a local Hood River company following a cross-country bike trip in 2004, and becoming a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) in 2014. “My favorite part of surveying is figuring out how to interpret the intent of each survey…every property is like a giant puzzle,” Craig says.

For Craig, Inter-Fluve is a giant new puzzle. He’s looking forward to leveraging his survey, hydraulic modeling and CAD expertise into river restoration. Enthusiastically reserved, Craig “wants to be part of everything Inter-Fluve does.” He’s also looking forward to time on the river. For now, he’s digging into CAD and drafting plans for projects around the Pacific Northwest while taking the lead in managing our survey department. A former ski racer and coach, Baja aficionado, general outdoor enthusiast, and avid tinkerer, Craig and his wife and two kids love exploring their backyard and local rivers – and dreaming of that next VW van.