Project Description

Kari Daniels

Administrative Assistant

Kari, like many a Fluver, has a wild adoration for compiling vast amounts of data and making sense of them.  “I nerd out on it,” she says. “it gives me balance.” We snagged Kari in 2018; she’s since become a linchpin to our accounting system, working with Andrea and David Reeves to keep the Inter-Fluve machine ticking along and managing many of our internal systems including payroll, general ins and outs of expenses, invoicing, contract and project set up, printing and putting together reports and proposals….the list goes on. She’s also the friendly voice you’ll most likely hear when you call us. Kari maintains an associates degree in business, but she doesn’t want to stop there. With a seemingly bottomless energy reserve, Kari is preparing for a bachelors in accounting next.

When her left brain has had enough, she revels in music, art, finding solace in remote mountain biking on our local trails, and walking Pepper, her 130 pound (and growing ) Saint Bernard. When time allows, she returns to visit family in her hometown of Buckley, Washington (known for its logger rodeo every June) to ski Crystal Mountain – one of the Pacific Northwest’s best shussing grounds.