Jackie Van Der Hout, CE


Jackie’s interest in aquatic restoration was shaped by the people and rivers of Northern California: the wild rainbow trout stubbornly surviving in Oakland creeks; the historians of San Francisco’s buried streams; and most importantly the Yuba, Trinity, and Klamath rivers. After graduating with a degree in freshwater ecology, Jackie worked in water quality management and urban stream restoration projects in the Bay Area. They then pursued a master’s degree in Water Resources Management from Duke, where they focused on geospatial and data analysis for ecological restoration and helped to coordinate a dam removal in Duke Forest.

Shortly after completing their master’s, Jackie joined Inter-Fluve’s Saint Paul, Minnesota office in 2023. “I feel fortunate to work with experts in the field on such meaningful projects” says Jackie. Jackie’s role at Inter-Fluve has involved fish passage design, technical writing, and water quality modeling (to name just a few tasks). In addition to their expertise in watershed hydrology, Jackie has a knack for plant identification that is quickly making them a go-to botanist for projects in the Upper Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. When not wading through streams, Jackie can be found biking around town, playing the fiddle, foraging for wild foods, knitting, and baking (their serviceberry tart was a big hit in the Saint Paul office). Jackie is a Certified Ecologist.