Mackenzie Butler, CE, FP-C 

Fish Ecologist

Born in Minnesota and raised in Hood River, Oregon, Mackenzie has enjoyed playing in water her entire life (“I learned to swim before I knew how to walk” she says.) She joined Inter-Fluve in 2013 and stuck with us through a Master’s degree in Fisheries Science, where she looked at the relationship between the hydro-regime and Coho salmon spawning in watersheds on the Oregon coast. Today, she remains intrigued by these rugged rivers of the Oregon and Washington coast range. Why? “Each system can be so different from the next. That complexity and variability are what make it fun.”

Mackenzie has been involved in projects around the West including geomorphic and habitat assessments on Washington’s Upper Methow River and Middle Twisp River, construction oversight on the $4m River Island channel and floodplain restoration project on Oregon’s Clackamas River, working with the Bureau of Reclamation to summarize 10+ years of research, enhancement and monitoring of Washington’s Methow River Intensively Monitored Watershed (IMW), and survey and analysis of Northern California’s Dry Creek.

In her free time, you can often find Mackenzie back on the water or in the woods, skiing, kayaking, running and biking around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.