Caitlin Alcott, CE

Senior Ecologist, Regional Director

Caitlin traces much of her passion for river restoration back to her parents, who were on the forefront of the natural food movement. “My childhood was spent listening to my family talking about the philosophy and the nuts and bolts of re-working our food systems,” Caitlin says. “I visited ranchers in Eastern Oregon and witnessed firsthand how they were stewards of their land and water…they knew it was their legacy.” Inspired, Caitlin went on to study watershed conservation for her master’s degree at Yale University. “River systems – like food systems – are complex, dynamic, and intrinsically about people living and interacting within their environment.”

Caitlin joined Inter-Fluve in 2012. She’s especially excited about Inter-Fluve’s collaborative process: “It’s great working with a smart, interdisciplinary team on complex problems. We get to do applied science everyday.” Caitlin is a Certified Ecologist. Her expertise includes hydrologic and hydraulic surveying and modeling, plant ecology and riparian restoration, wetland assessments and working-landscape restoration. Today, she’s working on and managing a variety of stream restoration projects on the Columbia River estuary, in the Methow and Upper Wenatchee watersheds, and in Eastern Oregon on the Grande Ronde Basin and Lower Middle Fork John Day River. Outside the office, she puts her applied knowledge to the test rafting and kayaking on Northwest rivers and streams.