Emily Alcott, CE, PWS

Principal Ecologist & Fluvial Geomorphologist

Emily grew up running around in the woods, fields and greenhouses of her family’s nursery and retail store in upstate New York. “We had a stream out back, and I’d wear my dad’s waders and play in the creek building dams and carving channels,” she says. And now? “I still wear waders and play outside in the dirt and rivers.”

Emily has never strayed far from her childhood leanings. She earned a masters in Environmental Science from Yale and her work experience ranges from serving as a naturalist for the Appalachian Mountain Club, to serving as a consultant for a non-profit watershed group, to developing a state-wide water quality report on the status of every creek in Oregon.

Her analytical and applied skills include: hydrologic and hydraulic surveying and modeling, sediment transport analyses, water quality, riparian zone evaluation, and restoration. “I particularly enjoy healing landscapes through the use of plants,” she says. Emily appreciates how each project presents its own unique problems. She’s an avid hiker, snowboarder, triathlete, and enjoys perfecting her culinary skills in and out of the backcountry.

“I particularly enjoy healing landscapes through the use of plants.”