Marcel Young-Scaggs, PE

Water Resources Engineer

Marcel joined Inter-Fluve in 2020 after working with the Maine Department of Transportation as an assistant engineer. While his primary role was designing and engineering highway construction projects, “what really piqued my interest was improving design crossings that benefited a variety of wildlife – not just fish,” says Marcel. Several of the projects involved working with the US Army Corps of Engineers and others to integrate habitat connectivity into the design of culverts and crossings. At one crossing project, a remote camera even observed a bobcat using the crossing.

Based in our Damariscotta, Maine office, Marcel’s work at Inter-Fluve currently involves a wide range of projects including an erosion control project at Hamilton College, a pair of dam removals in Maine, and no lack of bog restoration related projects (Bass River, Childs River, Senott Bog, Warner bog…). But what he’s really hoping to dig his teeth into is restoring heavily polluted rivers and lakes back to systems that are usable for fish, people, other plants and animals. It’s a noble goal, made ever more relevant with a baby daughter in tow.