Project Description

Peter Benchetler, PE

Water Resources Engineer

Peter left his home state of California to hone in his river restoration engineering expertise; a close second motivating factor was steelhead fishing, “the fish of a thousand casts,” he says.

A back-country-snowboard-professional-turned-water-resources‑engineer, Peter joined Inter-Fluve in 2018 following a stint as an environmental engineer in the Reno/Tahoe area where he specialized in one- and two-dimensional hydraulic modeling for stream restoration design, floodplain inundation mapping, fish passage design, and FEMA map revisions. A man of many talents, he’s also adept at hydrology; using GIS software for geospatial analysis, data processing, and mapping; and developing engineering designs and construction plans.

A highlight of his work to date was designing a section of the Skokomish River (you may have seen pictures of salmon swimming across a highway at the site). “It was an interesting project in that we were helping people who weren’t able to get to their houses 15 days a year, and fish who shouldn’t need to swim across a road,” Peter says. He’s looking forward to his new home in Oregon, enjoying the local trails, fishing for those elusive steelhead in the drab winter rains, and raising his daughter Georgina.